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NGC 891
NGC 891
A spiral galaxy in the constellation Andromeda, similar in size and luminosity to the Milky
Way. NGC 891 is approximately 30 million light years distant and is a member of the Local
Supercluster.  The galaxy is seen edge on, with streamers of dust hundreds of light years long
above and below the disk, expelled by supernova explosions or radiation pressure from star
formation activity.
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Dates:  November 16, 18 & 21 (Clear); December 12 & 13 (RGB), 2012

Cameras: SBIG STX16803/Apogee AFW50-10S
Filters:  AstroDon Clear, Red, Green and Blue filters
Camera control software:  MaximDL, CCDAutopilot5
Guiding/adaptive optics:  SBIG ST402 off-axis autoguider with AstroDon MegaMOAG
Camera temperature:  -20C

Telescope:  RCOS 24
Telescope control software:  TheSkyX/ RCOS TIM
Mount:  RCOS Equatorial Fork Mount

17.5 hours total exposure time.
Luminance: 47 x 10 minute (unbinned)
RGB: 19 x 10 minutes R & G, 20 x 10 minutes B, binned 2x2
RGB combine weights determined using eXcalibrator

Processing: CCDStack2, Photoshop CS6.  
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