Solar System
New Images
Milky Way
Montgomery    Bell
Long Mountain
Montgomery Bell Academy's Long Mountain Observatory near McMinnville, TN is in operation.  
Below are the first images taken using the observatory's PlaneWave CDK24 telescope and SBIG
STX16803 CCD camera. The observatory is designed to be operated either remotely or on site.
Andromeda Galaxy
Pleiades Star Cluster
Rosette Nebula
Copyright 2010-2011 Mark Manner
M27 Dumbbell Nebula
M56 globular cluster
Cocoon Nebula
Below are images taken with the school's SBIG STX16803 camera
during off-site testing using a short focal length refractor.
Crescent Nebula
Eagle Nebula
Supernova SN 2011fe
in M101
Bubble Nebula
Below are short duration images taken during testing of the telescope.
NGC 6946
"Firecracker Galaxy"
Data collection underway, click
above for draft
To the right is a light curve on a
potential exoplanet candidate taken
March 5, 2012 with the observatory's
new SBIG STL11000M camera using a
Johnson-Cousins Ic filter.  The data
indicates that the potential candidate is
probably not an exoplanet.