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Open Star Cluster
M44 (NGC 2632) open star cluster, nicknamed the "Beehive" or "Praesepe".  This
cluster, located in Cancer, is 600-700 million years old and approximately 575 light
years distant. It is suspected to have a common origin with the Hyades star cluster.

Image acquisition date: February 26, 2011.
Camera: SBIG STL11000
Filters:  AstroDon RGB
Camera control software:  CCDSoft
Guiding/adaptive optics: none
Camera temperature:  -20C
Telescope:  Astro-Physics 155EDF with 4" telecompressor/field flattener, 835mm
focal length (f/5.4).
Telescope control software:  TheSkyX, Focusmax
Mount:  Paramount ME
Total exposure time: 20 x 2 min R, 14 x 2 min G, 15 x 2 min B

Image scale 2.21 arc sec per pixel

Processing:  CCDStack2, Photoshop CS5.
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