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First Lightcurve
Above is a test light curve on an eclipsing binary of the Algol type.  Target star UCAC3 243:26932.  The
shape of the curve and magnitude change (750 mmag vs. 15 mmag) is significantly different from the
one would expect to see if this were an exoplanet
.  Information on target and data acquisition:
RA 04 14 57.76, DEC +31 26 44.2, Vmag 11.3, Period 2.22855d, Duration 3.3h.
Photometry on target and 3 comp stars (one shown at top of plot, indicating transparency improved during
data collection) processed in MIRA Pro 7 UE.  Data consisted of 491 20-second exposures using a CBB
filter, guided with AO-L, with RCOS 24" telescope on equatorial fork mount.  
Friday January 13, 2012,  7:35pm - 11:49pm, UT 1:35-5:49 1-14-2012, altitude at imaging start 76deg, star
transit at UT  2:34 1-14-2012 at  85deg, at imaging end 49deg. Waning 73% phase moon rise at UT 3:58
1-14-2012 (altitude 20degrees at end of imaging).