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Jones 1, PK 104-29.1
the "Gremlin"
Planetary Nebula
Faint highly evolved planetary nebula Jones 1, PK104-29.1, 716 parsecs distant in
Pegasus, RA/DEC(2000) 23 35 53.33 +30 28 06.4.  Sometimes called the "Gremlin
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Image acquisition dates: September 13, 18, 19 & 20,  2012.
Camera: SBIG STX 16803/Apogee AFW50-10S filter wheel.
Filters:  AstroDon 50mm square Ha[5nm], OIII[3nm]
Camera control software:  MaximDL
Guiding/adaptive optics: SBIG ST402 in MegaMoag off-axis guider.
Camera temperature:  -20C
Telescope:  RCOS 24"/0.61meter.
Telescope control software:  Bisque TCS Professional.
Mount:  RCOS Professional Equatorial Fork.
Total exposure time: 16 hours.
500 minutes Ha, 460 minutes OIII.
20 minute subexposures, unbinned.
Image scale 0.39 arc sec per pixel
Conditions: Relatively poor seeing, very humid.

Processing:  CCDStack2, Photoshop CS6.

Image appeared in January 2013 issue of
Astronomy Magazine.